Why Would You Choose Nursing As A Career In 2019?

After finishing high school, every student search for the suitable course for higher studies.
Choosing the right pathway for your future is a big decision to make. Your decision will guide your education and future career.

If you have undeviating attention towards healthcare and bettering lives then Nursing is for you. Nursing is a kind of profession that requires variety of specialties. If you dream to become a successful nurse, then you need to be single-minded and solely focus on taking care of the patient.

The job of a Nurse could be managerial, educational, and patient-facing or research oriented. Your work depends on the education line you choose. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the growth of healthcare industry is mushrooming. In coming years it is expected to grow 109%. Then you can imagine the employment scope in the industry.

Here we have listed some favorable reasons why would you study Nursing!

Almost Guaranteed Job at the End of Your Degree

Many students aren’t aware that Nursing is one of the most highly employable degrees. Factually, 94% of students with graduate degree in nursing find employment within six months after graduating. BLS demands advance practice nurses are going to grow by more than 30% in the coming decade. As nursing

Did you know that nursing is the most employable degrees around the world?

In fact, 94% of graduate nurses find jobs in health sector within six months of completing their degree.

Moreover, as nursing degrees include a variety of hospital placements, many students, finds job offer or even multiple job offers before they’ve graduated. So, if you’re worrying about finding a job after all your hard work studying, nursing might be the career for you.

You’re a specialist

Nursing is specialize degree. In the field of nursing, you can branch out in the area of your interest. There are various fields such as adult nursing, children’s nursing, mental health nursing and learning disability nursing. Every area requires unique variety of skills and knowledge that can be used in many places. There are some degrees which allow combining more than one field too, so it is always beneficial to explore every area of nursing.  The subject is also very interesting yet intricate, but students can find best nursing assignment help from the internet. Students can achieve better scores with the help of experts.

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Nursing Careers are hugely Rewarding

Nursing is a very crucial job which demands seriousness. Despite some repulsive events most of the nurses find their job as hugely rewarding.

The prime objective of nursing is to provide utmost care possible to the patients. There aren’t many jobs which gives a mellow satisfaction to make you proud at the end of the day.

Another inimitable reward is witnessing the miracle of birth. Nothing compares experiencing the beginning of life and nurses do that on daily basis. So, definitely there’s a greater honor bestowed in the nursing profession.

Freedom to work anywhere

There are many professions that demand you to work in the main city or capital to elevate your career. Unlike these nursing offers the opportunity to work anywhere in the country, giving you the freedom to decide your place of work.

There is huge flexibility in choosing the working place because most of the place requires same criteria, either in your home country or abroad. Nurses get the opportunity to travel the world. Even travel nurse is a significant profession for wanderer.

Flexibility of time

From the outside people assume that nurses only can work in hospitals but there a lot of variety in place of work. If you choose nursing as your career you’ll enjoy a wide variety of working place and you shift to one another anytime you want.

If you want you can take teaching profession or management. Other exciting jobs are forensic nursing, prison nursing and many more. Another option is you opt for higher studies like PhD or Masters’ and specialize in areas like cardiac, oncology or palliative care. The opportunities are endless.

Another perk of the nursing profession is time flexibility; nurses have the opportunities to work in different shifts. If you’re not a morning person, nursing nurses are always in demand. In some countries nurses can work in week shifts still considered as full time employee.

Highly Respected

Nursing is a highly respected job which valued by society and often works as highly respected members of the society of multi-disciplinary teams. Their opinions are valued and listened to just as much as the doctors or physicians they’re working with. Nurses are remembered even after retiring. They have the opportunities to save or providing care to patients. The patients and their family members recall their care and warmth throughout their life. Not only have that nurses belonged to a unique community. Whether it is in real or online life their name includes the prestigious tag.

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Nurses are always in demand

Unfortunately, not every student dares to apply for nursing degrees which creates the crisis for nurses in the future. Experienced nurses hardly face any issues finding job. In most places in the world, nurses with a couple of years of experience can easily find a job.

It’s such a captivating and fulfilling career, allows you to meet so many different people throughout your professional life, that I would really urge more people to consider studying one of the four types of nursing degrees.



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